Derbyshire author proud to have first book published

Jayne Morris from Tibshelf spoke to Derbyshire Media Company about her children’s activity book ‘Make, Create & Play’ which was published in November.

Morris told us about the inspiration behind the book: “I wrote it a few years ago and it was because when my kids are off school, I couldn’t bear the thought of them having nothing to do. I kept thinking of things they could do when I was at work because my son was a bit older, and he could be at home.

“It stemmed from that and I thought it would be nice to just put everything that I used to do as well into a little book. I just worked on it and worked on it.”

The book includes a variety of activities which can be done at home, with instructions and illustrations on each page.

“I think it's one of those that you think ‘I wonder if I could ever write a book?’ It is just nice to keep. My dad taught me quite a few of these (activities), he’s not with us anymore but I think he would be really proud if he could see it.”

Morris originally tried to get the book published a few years ago.

“When the pandemic started in March I thought ‘you know what I'm going to try again’.”

'Make, Create & Play' was released in November last year and is available to purchase on Amazon.

You can follow the Instagram account for the book ‘@makecreateandplay’.

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