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DMC and Derbyshire Sport Scene merge: all the details

The new Derbyshire Media Company website, featuring the new logo.

After a three-day build-up, Derbyshire Media Company are delighted to announce an official merge with Derbyshire Sport Scene to enter a new era of the DMC company under one name.

The two companies, which have existed side-by-side for the last several years, were formed to separate sporting news from regular news items concerning the county of Derbyshire, although Derbyshire Media Company was dormant for the majority of this period.

The company's founder - Joshua Smith - made the decision to finally merge the two news outlets onto one brand-new website.

He told DMC: "With our ever-expanding output we wanted to make everything user-friendly and easy to find.

"With the new branding, everything comes under the banner of Derbyshire Media Company, or DMC for short.

"Readers will find the same great content and more in the coming weeks."

The rebranding comes with numerous important changes and plans.

Sport continues to be DMC's coverage priority, although covering other forms of local news is on the company's to-do list, with plans to expand news coverage on the horizon.

Derbyshire football teams in steps one to five of the non-league will be covered by DMC Sport, whilst other sports such as rugby and cricket have the potential to be covered in the near future.

With the expanding coverage, DMC welcomes a brand-new team of volunteer reporters, including old faces from Derbyshire Sport Scene.

DMC will also continue the provision of sporting activities for members of local Derbyshire communities, with the official launching of the Get Active scheme; various football sessions as well as weekly badminton sessions are on the current planned itinerary.

DMC's dormant Instagram account will come back into use, so that Derbyshire residents can enjoy viewing pictures of the county's stunning scenery.

The company has also launched a YouTube channel which can be used in the future, although content is not intended to be regular as of yet.

Readers with any queries regarding the rebranding should get in contact with DMC, which can be done via email, phone, contact form, live chat or via our social media accounts; see Contact for details.

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