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Richard Cusak - Former DMC Reporter

I helped manage the Derbyshire Sport Scene website, as it was then called, creating and editing copy for the company including match previews of Derbyshire teams and breaking news pieces.


The experience I had was very valuable and helped me to understand how to create copy for web and write structured sport articles. Learning the above helped me in my university degree and played a formative part in my becoming a full-time sport journalist.


Working to a deadline, creating clean copy and researching for the pieces I wrote for DMC are things I do now, nearly four years on, so helped me understand the sort of things I would be tasked with doing at work.


I would implore anybody thinking about applying to do so, because the experience really is invaluable and is a window into the role of a full-time sport journalist

Oliver Mooney - Former DMC Editor

I started out making contributions here and there for the company – my first ever piece of work was a digital collage for Ernie Moss Day. Since then, I began taking on more responsibilities and writing regularly, eventually taking on the role of Editor which I have undertaken for a few years.


Those several years of writing and editing other contributors’ work played a hugely influential role in the development of my writing quality and style – simply because practice makes perfect, or as close to perfect as you can get.


I’m now a third-year journalism student at the University of Sheffield, working in a paid media role at semi-professional football club AFC Mansfield which also involves having pieces published in the Non-League Paper and Mansfield Chad. With just a year left of my degree, I’m now looking to finally find full-time work in the journalism industry.


DMC was my first ever journalistic opportunity, and without it on my CV I most likely would not have been able to attend my journalism course or found further work experience with the Derbyshire Times, Press Association and more. DMC also helped me discover my passion and realise that it is truly what I want to do.


If you’re thinking of applying to contribute to DMC, you don’t need to have experience or know for sure that this is what you want to do in the future – it’s always worth having a go, and you may discover something about yourself. To those budding journalists who want to hone in on their writing skills, gain valuable experience and build a platform for themselves, DMC is the perfect place for you to start… But the most important advice is be keen, be attentive, and be willing to learn.

James Aspinall - Former DMC Reporter

My name is James Aspinall and I worked for DMC for 2 years as a football reporter. Throughout the two years, I was given a wide range of opportunities to cover football clubs from Belper Town and Matlock Town up to Chesterfield and Derby County. Being around a professional environment and surrounded by people who was extremely experienced in the role was a fantastic experience. My highlight has to be sitting in post match interviews and press conferences at Derby County, being a huge fan myself. It was an unforgettable experience!


Working for DMC helped my progression both professionally and personally hugely. Working for the business led to me writing match previews for Alfreton Town and having my writing published on their website on a weekly basis. It also helped me grow hugely as a person. Not only did it help me expand my network, but I also grew in confidence massively and my self belief improved drastically.


Presently I am currently studying Sports Business Management at Sheffield Hallam University. Working at DMC lead to my desire to go to university, something I wasn’t too fussed about previously. It lead to me wanting to be around that professional sports environment as a full time career, in a time where I wasn’t sure about where I wanted to go. I am also currently volunteering at Chesterfield FC Community Trust, which my contacts through DMC helped me gain the contacts necessary to make this an option for me.


DMC is a fantastic organisation, one which has set me on my path and helped me see where I want to go in life. The opportunities you get and the experience you can gain through this is invaluable, and the staff are top notch. I would highly recommend DMC to anyone wanting to work in this field, as it is such a fantastic organisation!

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