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EXCLUSIVE: Robert Molloy sees big future for the Gladiators

Matlock Town’s new Vice-President Robert Molloy has spoken in detail for the first time about the new role he has taken on with the Gladiators in an exclusive interview with Derbyshire Media Company.

In a move that surprised many, Molloy, a Hollywood film producer with links to the New York Yankees and New York City FC, became Matlock Town’s Vice-President within the last week.

Robert Molloy spoke to Derbyshire Media Company about his interest in the non-league aspect of English football; in particular how passionate the fanbases are. Molloy has made it clear that this is not just a passing fancy in Matlock Town and that he sees this as a long-term project:

“I love to win. I plan on being around for a while. I will help as much as I can with everything and anything. I want to see success and I’d like to help with that. Whichever way it goes, I will be there for the club no matter what.”

Molloy has also made it clear that he has big targets for the club and that the supporters certainly have reason to be excited for the team’s future:

“My target for the club is to certainly get out of the Northern Premier League and to at least reach League Two. I’d like that. That’s my goal. Whatever it takes to get there.”

In the interview, Molloy covers numerous topics such as how he fell in love with the game, why he prefers English football to US football and also confirms that he once came close to becoming directly involved with Notts County.

Molloy is confident that the business knowledge he has gained from working with the New York Yankees will translate well over the pond and into a different sport.

It’s fair to say that this is not just a big opportunity for Molloy himself but also a huge opportunity for Matlock Town to progress. The club have remained in the seventh tier of English football for some time now and, apart from the Derbyshire Senior Cup, have not won any other trophies for a while.

Last week, Dave Wild (the club’s joint assistant manager) said that it was “time to wake up the sleeping giant that is Matlock Town.” Molloy’s surprise involvement with the club could well have a hugely positive impact in making this happen.

Robert Molloy ended his interview with a positive message for the town of Matlock and its loyal supporters:

“Get ready because I think a lot of success is going to come from out of this. I like to win. Nothing is going to stop me from achieving that goal.”

You can listen to the full interview with Matlock Town’s new Vice-President at

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